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If you represent a business or your personal situation, think about how fit your finances really are. We offer businesses and individuals with a financial health check that reveals areas of weakness and strength, as well as a strategy to build up financial resilience. Call us to make an appointment. Download our Personal and Employment Details Form

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We are a one-stop shop for your complete personal and commercial finance solutions. Finance Fitness Store provides you with the best finance option, with competitive rates for your unique situation without any cost to you. We save you time and frustration and do all the leg work.


Instead of selecting from limited choices offered by one lender, our access to products from over 30 lenders and their multitude of products allows you to shop around for the best value backed by 32 years of industry expertise. All options we provide to you have the same price (interest rate) as if you were to approach the bank directly, but with the benefit of shopping around for the best value. In some cases we are able to achieve additional discounts on rates and fees through effective loan structuring.

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We will discuss your financial position and your finance needs moving forward, allowing all parties to gain a better understanding of what you plan to achieve financially. You will benefit from our research and advice on potential products available from our extensive panel of more than 30 lenders. You will be provided with a written recommendation designed to meet your immediate and future needs, whilst achieving a highly competitive interest rate and all available discounts on fees and charges. Your written recommendation takes into consideration features that are important in maintaining your financial flexibility, to ensure a successful financial solution.

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You will save an enormous amount of time and frustration, we will deal with the banks on your behalf, prepare your loan application and manage the process from start to finish. Following settlement of your loan/facility, we will be there to advise and guide you through your future credit requirements.

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As your personal finance adviser, we will provide you with a level of service and range of options you will simply not receive from your bank, free of charge and at a time convenient for you.

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Fully personalised services

Before you sign up with any finance provider, use us for a professional second opinion and peace of mind for no cost.


  • New Commercial Property Purchase, Extension or Renovation
  • Existing Commercial Property Re-finance
  • Re-financing and Debt consolidation
  • Unit / Commercial Property Development
  • Vehicle and Equipment Leasing


  • New Home Loans for a Purchase, Extension or Renovation
  • Re-financing of an Existing Home Loan (Potential savings of $1000’s)
  • Re-financing and Debt Consolidation for Individuals
  • Vehicle Leasing and Personal Loans
  • Property Finance for your Investment or Self-Managed Super Fund


  • A Free no obligation Finance Fitness check to see if there are any potential savings for your situation that you are not aware of
  • Provision of a Professional second opinion to ensure you get the most suitable and cheapest rate from your current or prospective provider
  • A free detailed property “Corelogic” evaluation report with estimated value of your property and comparable sales in your area

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Introducing our team of professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve your dreams.

The cherry on top is when I help a client get excited about goals and eliminate financial hindrance.  

John Hall
John Hall

I take pride in our database that helps provide specialty fitted loans for our clients.

Claudia Hall
Claudia Hall

We are about connecting with current and future clients and informing them of the latest products on the market.

Marketing + social media
Marketing + social media
John Hall
Finance and credit adviser providing a personal service, professional advice and tailored solutions. Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Diploma in Financial Services (Mortgage Broking)


  • Mortgage and Finance Association (MFAA)
  • Professional Lenders Association Network (PLAN)
  • Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL)
  • CPA Australia
Claudia Hall
Office manager and database administrator providing management and update of a quality database. Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Mathematics and Information Science
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning
Marketing + social media team
Providing marketing campaigns and promotions as well as social media content management.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an offset facility
An offset facility is a transaction account attached to a home loan / mortgage account.  Any balances in an offset account during a month, reduce the value of the mortgage and interest is charged on the lower amount.  For example, if you have a mortgage balance of $200,000 in any given month and a balance of $10,000 in your offset account then interest is only charged on the balance of $190,000.  You are however, free to take any cash from your offset account at any time.
What is a redraw facility?
A redraw facility allows you to redraw any advanced payments you may have made along the life of the loan. For example, if you have a mortgage balance of $200,000 and have made additional payments of $20,000 on top of your minimum monthly repayments, then the redraw facility allows you to access the $20,000 amount without affecting your loan repayments or interest rates. In some cases, there may be a small fee attached to a redraw facility.
What does pre-approval mean?
Banks often provide a quick assessment of an application to indicate if it has the potential to get approval or not. Pre-approval means your loan may not yet be rejected however it is not unconditionally approved either. A pre-approval indicates to you that there isn’t anything wrong with your application at the first glance, in particular with your ability to make the suitable repayments.
What are property valuation differences
Banks will generally use the lower of, a property valuation or the contract of sale price.  Therefore, if you have a contract of sale for $500,000 and the independent valuation indicating the property is valued at $540,000, then the Banks will use the lower valuation (contract of sale) for their assessment purposes.
What is loan to value ratio (LVR)?
A common term used in the banking industry, the ratio represents the value of loan to the valuation of a property / security.  For example, if there is a loan of $400,000 against a property valued at $500,000 then the LVR is 80%.
What is lenders mortgage insurance (LMI)?
A one-off premium paid by a borrower where the amount borrowed is normally greater than 80% of the value of the property being purchased.  The premium is paid by the borrower and covers the lender against any shortfall if the borrower were to default and the property was sold.
Can stamp duty or other cost be borrowed?
Yes. It is possible to borrow stamp duty and other costs associated with purchasing a property. However, as these costs are added to the loan, then you may need to pay lender’s mortgage insurance depending on the amount of equity in the property.
What is a variable interest rate?
A variable interest rate can increase or decrease over a period. While in theory there is a correlation between the Reserve Bank “cash rate” and variable interest rates, this correlation is not always strong. Lenders often move variable interest rates based on other factors such as their borrowing costs or exposure to a specific market segment.
What is a fixed interest rate?
A fixed interest rate is a type of loan or mortgage for which the rate of interest does not fluctuate over the life of the loan. The common term of these loans is 1 to 5 years, however, there are other options with longer terms in the market. Other limitations may exist with these types of loans such as “break” costs where the loan is terminated earlier than the specified term, or a limit on any additional principal repayments.
What is an interest only loan repayment?
In this situation, a borrower only pays the interest on a loan / mortgage through monthly payments for the term of the loan that interest only repayments are specified.  Interest only loans / repayments are normally associated with fixed term loans, however some loans with longer term do offer the option of interest only repayments for a short period, normally up to 5 years.
What is a bridging loan?
A bridging loan is a facility designed to assist the borrower in moving from one property to another where the settlement dates do not align and there is a period during which the borrower has 2 or more loans at the same time, (one for the old property and one for the new one). However, these types of loans generally are combined into one loan with a normal term of up to 6 months during which the repayments are interest only.
Can I use my home equity to invest in a property?
Yes. If you have equity in your current home, then the banks will allow you to use that equity as a deposit or contribution to invest in a property.

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